Thursday, February 13, 2014

Eating Healthy at Disney World

Today I am "back on track", as I like to say, with Weight Watchers. I have been trying to do the online program, however I have not been sticking with it. Hi ho, hi ho...back to meetings I go. With less than two weeks till our road trip to Disney I started to wonder what I will eat and try to stay on program. Listed below are a few of the healthy options that I have found...and believe or not, they look tasty!!

Magic Kingdom

Columbia Harbour House - Grilled Salmon (Counter Service)
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My father has gotten this on previous trips and loved it. It is a huge serving and could easily be shared.
Liberty Tree Tavern - Colony Salad (Table Service)
This is one that I have gotten in the past and LOVED! Now, the only reason I ordered this on this particular day was so that I would have enough room for my favorite dessert (which we won't talk about here...*clears throat* Oogey Gooey Toffee Cake)
Tangierine Café - Falafel Wrap (Counter Service)

Once again...a favorite of mine. And all so healthy (baklava excluded). Hmm...are we seeing a pattern here? Maybe if I just stay away from all these sweets, I'd be ok!

Teppan Edo - Anything Hibachi (Table Service)

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It has been years since we have been to this place, but we do love it. The have all veggie options as well as chicken, swordfish, shrimp...all of which would be considerably healthy!

Hollywood Studios

Backlot Express - Cantaloupe and Cucumber Salad (Counter Service)

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Everyone knows that Hollywood Studios is not known for their counter service selections. I like a vegetarian option from time to time and I always enjoy fruit in a salad. This selection features both!
Brown Derby - Split Roasted American Bison (Table Service)
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To counter attack my veggie selection for the counter service, I would pick this lean read meat as a dinner entrée. Bison has about the same amount of calories per serving as turkey, but a slightly higher protein content. Bison is also higher in iron and B12 than other meats! Healthy indeed!

Animal Kingdom

Tamu Tamu - South African Quinoa Salad (Counter Service)

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I love me some quinoa! Feta, quinoa, olives, chickpeas, pita?? This is a salad made in heaven!
Tusker House - Buffet (Table Service)
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One of our favorite buffets, this has to be up there with Boma for healthy options. Plenty of whole grains, meats and veggies to make you healthy and happy. Just try to stay away from the bread pudding!

 What are your favorite healthy choices in "The World"?

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