Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Driving to Disney Series / Step #2 - Packing

Anyone that knows me and my Disney planning can tell you that I am a compulsive packer. I pack a month out...then repack...then unpack and repack usually once again before the trip. Why?? I don't really have a good answer for it. I want to get a jump on things and make sure our "must take" clothing items are out of normal laundry rotation. I also want to make sure that nothing is missed. I have a handy dandy packing list that I use. I have a blog post about it: here. This time, however, will be much different. I'm a bit panicky...because....WE ARE DRIVING!

Here's what I have together.

Minimal clothes for the 5 days that we will be on the road (Yes, five. I'll explain later)

- Light Pants
- Jeans
- Shorts
- Underwear
- Tee Shirts
- Hoody
- Crocs
- Bathing Suits
- Socks

Mouse Ears / Autograph Books / Crushed Penny Tube / Ponchos

-You know...the park necessities. Okay...maybe not necessities for everyone, but for our family.

Car Snacks *still have to get some of this stuff - and a new bag of puffs (don't judge...they are good)

- Pop Tarts
- Pringles
- Capri Sun
- Horizon Milk Singles (for my little one)
- Goldfish Puffs
- String Cheese
- PB n J Sandwiches
- Applesauce / Fruit Pouches
- Bottles of Water
- Go-Gurts (which I fill freeze)
- Candy for my hubby and I for when the kids are sleeping :)

Toys and Activities

- Pre-K Activity Pack (found: here)
- New book for the Leap Reader
- Big Mickey Gloves from the Disney Store (my 4 year old will love waving to cars)
- Window Markers
- Board Books (for the little one)
- New DVDs (Jake and Harry Hugglemonster)
- I made an iSpy bottle (found: here)
- Small packs of coloring books/crayons

Apps for my iPhone

Now I was going to make this a whole post on its own, but I figured that would best be saved for after the trip when I can say how well the apps worked! So, I guess..stay tuned for that!

- Gas Buddy
- Roadside
- Waze
- Roadtrippers
- Priceline
- Field Trip
- Wi-Fi Finder
- TripAdvisor
- iExit Lite
- Trapster
- Rest Stops

Now to figure out how to pack the car. I plan on rotating the toys and goodies. I don't want to be under a mound of stuff and I don't want the kids to have access to all of it all at once, so I'll pack 2-3 totes and have one up with me at all times that will contain a snack a drink and a toy.

As far as stroller, we will be renting from Kingdom Strollers. We have used them in the past and have loved their service. We actually had to make an adjustment to our stay, and it was the easiest process!! I emailed them and asked if I could adjust my rental by one day and they responded yes and then an hour or so later they sent a confirmation that it had been taken car of!

So this may be a good segue as to the reason why we had the adjustment to begin with. My husband hasn't had a normal day off in months. He had requested both of our kids' birthdays off and received them, however he hasn't been on a scheduled day off since before Christmas! His work is finally fully staffed and he actually has a scheduled day off that butts up to our trip (which was also requested and granted). So it looks like all of his hard work has paid off and we are now getting FIVE DAYS to travel!! Our vacation moved up by one day to give us two days on either side for a nice leisurely road trip!

Our driving plans will need adjusted, but I think it'll be for the better!

...more to come :)

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