Saturday, August 9, 2014

Manic Panic Ultra Violet on Brown Hair

So, in case anyone has noticed, I have not posted in awhile!! We have lost my charging cord for the camera and I think we are about to give up and buy either a new charger or a new camera. For this post I am using my iPhone pics :)

I had been wanting to post about my hair adventures for some time now. You see, my hair has been black for YEARS. I had tried to highlight it back to brown a few times...but it always ended up "back in black". 

Since I work from home now, I was able to go through a miriad of processes to get my hair not only back to brown but I went a step further with golden highlights. Unfortunately, the gold made my complexion look very washed out (at least I thought so). 

I went to cosmetology in high school, and while I don't remember much, I do remember the color wheel used for color corrections. What combats gold? Purple!!

I had been buying Ion's Color Brilliance Brights in Lavendar for awhile. I would color my hair and it would look better for a week or so....then the gold would push it's way back through. 

I needed something....more.

I wasn't always a Disney lovin', coupon cuttin', diaper bag totin' mommy type. At one time I was a metal chick. Yep. I wore knee high boots and colored my hair crazy colors. I know the brand Manic Panic well from my high school days! I had used colors like Dark Tulip and Plum...and the cool colors suited my complexion well! 

To Hot Topic I go!!!

I was hoping to get a color called Mystic Amethyst, which they didn't have. I bought a bottle of Ultra Violet and a bottle of Virgin Snow in hopes to make a substitute. I'm not sure it did that, but I am sure that I liked the results! 

Here is what I used:

I also slathered my hairline and ears with Vaseline...I knew from experience that this stuff stains. Everything. You may need the drop cloth skills of Dexter. And don't forget an old tee to wear!!

I applied it in sections and let it sit for an hour under a target bag (a shower cap would work just fine). And here is the results...

The highlighted parts picked up more color as to be expected, and it will fade in time to a hopefully non-golden shade of brown...which was ultimately my goal, but I am loving the fun shade it is now!!

I hope this will help some of you. I searched and searched for pics of the lighter shades of purple on brown hair and there was very little (or in some cases none) out there!

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