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One of the BEST parts about running in a runDisney event at Walt Disney World is getting to use an actual bathroom! They have plethora of porta-potties, and although you will probably have to use one before the start, you will find that a nice autoflush toilet and a real sink to wash up are ahead on the course. I'm going to outline where you can find them...but shhhhh it's a secret that I have saved for my best running buds and readers! ;)

Now...there is no guarantee that these will be open, but here's the restrooms that are directly on most of the half and full marathon courses. I don't think you want to go off course to find a bathroom, and Disney doesn't want you to for that matter.

Transportation and Ticket Center

The first real bathroom you will come to on course will be at the transportation and ticket center. These bathroom are usually crowded and the area is too, since it is a popular viewing location for friends and family spectators. Fell free to stop here, however if you think you can wait there will be lots of spots to do your business in the Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is the first park you will come to, at about mile 5. There are bathrooms located on Main Street, however you will not be able to get to them since that side if the "street" is closed off for spectators to cheer. The next set you will find will be across from Tomorrowland Speedway and there are some near the teacups, as well.  I have not used them, however the Tangled bathrooms do not appear to be too far off course. I don't know if they would have it roped there or not. Magic Kingdom is a little more restrictive because the park is technically not open during the races. In past years, I normally try to get to the bathrooms near Country Bears, it is in the pass-through between Frontierland and Adventureland. You will also be quite close to Pirates and those bathroom may be available to you, before you leave the park.


Animal Kingdom
If you are running the full, you will be heading into Animal Kingdom at about mile 12. That means maybe an hour or more could have passed by and you may need to stop. I like to hit the bathrooms here to through some water on my face and freshen up. The course has changed a bit since last time I ran a full here, so when I last ran in Animal Kingdom this was about mile 15-17 and the tough stuff was close ahead. With the new course, you will be enter the park in between Africa and Asia and heading towards Expedition Everest. There should be a bathroom near Flights of Wonder, however on the course map I cannot tell. There will be a set of bathrooms near Kali River Rapids those will be your best bet to stay on course. There will also be a restroom near Finding Nemo, however in years past this was also roped off. Before you exit the park, you can hit up the one near Restaurantosaurus.

ESPN Wide World of Sports

This is new to me. I haven't ran a full marathon in Disney since 2012, when I ran Goofy. I was busy having a baby and whatnot. If you are familiar, please leave a comment and I will add in any bathroom info! Please and thanks ;)

Hollywood Studios

You will enter HS from backstage. There are restrooms near Lights, Motor Action that may be available. The one I would go to is near Muppets and Star Tours. There is also one across the way near The American Idol Experience, but I think those are inside and would not be a quick stop. The next best place to stop here would be right at the park entrance. There are bathrooms near where you pick up strollers and wheelchairs.


There are plenty of restrooms here in Epcot. The ones that I have found to be the best are the restrooms near Norway and near Spaceship Earth, however you can see that there are some right after you enter in Morocco. The ones in America, but those are tucked away, as are the ones near Germany. If you want, you can head to the back of Innoventions, however those would be a bit off course too, considering you are ALMOST DONE!!!

And of course once you get a big shiny medal...and there are more porta-potties available to you!!

I hope this helps some of you! If you know of any other prime potty stops...PLEASE share your knowledge with us! I will update the blog and give you credit!

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