Friday, April 4, 2014

Best Eye Makeup Remover

Do you have a hard time finding a good eye makeup remover? I know I always did...I tried department store and drug store versions to no avail. I have sensitive eyes which made my search even more frustrating. Sometimes I'd find one that worked okay, however my eyes would sting something fierce! I had read somewhere that olive oil can be a great substitute and it is antimicrobial so I knew it would be safe by my eyes. I tried that for a long while and while it worked, I would have a hard time wiping it away after I smudged it all around. I finally came to the realization that I had the solution less than a foot away from me. A baby wipe! I've used this method ever since and I will NEVER go back to purchasing eye makeup remover again!

Here's my method for the best removal:
Full makeup...ready to be removed.
I always buy the Huggies Simply Clean wipes. They are fragrance and alcohol free, which is important for your eyes. Huggies also has the best texture and never leaves any residue behind.
I had saved a bottle from a previous eye makeup remover purchase and filled it up with the oil, that way I can keep it right in my bathroom cabinet.
You will want to use your fingers to transfer the oil. Apply it in a small, gentle, circular motion.
Once it's all over your eye, gently pinch and twist your eyelashes to make sure the oil gets into the stubborn mascara.

Once you look like a greasy panda bear...grab for your wipe and wipe away!
Like I said...I will never go back to buying remover again. Try it!
You will not only save money, but be happy with the results! 


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