Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Do you want to build (an indoor) snowman?

The temperature is frigid these days in good old Ohio! My son has had a running nose for a few days and although we have lots of snow, I am not allowing him to go play in it. He has been so sad and disappointed. So today...we build a snowman. Made of homemade snow!

Here's what you will need:

A batch of this stuff - Snow Dough
Mini chocolate chips
Circus Peanuts
Black licorice twists

My son LOVES the movie Frozen. So we are making Olaf, but feel free to build a traditional man of snow (or woman I suppose...although then it is still not traditional...whatever)....

Roll the snow dough into your chosen shapes and start building your man of snow.

Once you get your shape down...now you can decorate him! Chocolate chips for the coat buttons. I don't like to keep small beads in the house because of my little one, but you could use those instead.

Moms and dads...you will need to cut the orange candy into a carrot nose. I also couldn't find the peel licorice, so I had to cut mine with a knife. I then used them for arms, face and hair..annnnnnd DONE!!
Yes, my son is wearing a hat to build his snowman. When I first told him that we were making one he started to get ready to go outside. I thought he'd be sad when I told him that we were doing it inside, but instead he was super excited!

After we got done building Olaf, we decided to keep going. Little man was so happy with his last design (on the left) that he HAD to pack it up to give to Grandma!

Hmm....it's kinda creepy though, right? It has horns.
Fun was had by all and we got everything cleaned up just in time for my 13 mo. old sleeping beauty to wake up from her nap.
Hope you are finding fun ways to keep warm and busy during this cold, COLD winter!!

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