Saturday, November 16, 2013

Turkey Day Craft

You see, my son has gotten very involved with Halloween this year. We had taken him to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and he has been obsessed ever since. Every other word out of his mouth has to do with pumpkins. candy, bats, spooky decorations, etc. Who can blame him after a party like that?? We had such great fun!

Lil' Man dancing with Sanderson.

So now that Halloween is over, we are having a hard time to get him to move forward. When Thanksgiving is mentioned he literally asks, "Is Halloween going to come again after Thanksgiving?". I know my son...and a craft was in order. Maybe multiple crafts!

Paper Roll Turkey

Items Needed:

Emptied Toilet Paper Roll or Paper Towel Roll (cut down to about 2 inch tall tubes)
Construction Paper
School Glue
Black Marker


Cut the feathers, beak and gobble thingy. Wattle? Gobble? Whatever. Unless you have a kid very proficient with safety scissors this will probably be faster, safer and easier if the parent does the cutting.


I dot each piece with glue and let my little guy pick the order of the feather colors. We line up the bottoms and I let him put the face together on his own.

Two dots of the black marker for eyes and some dry time and you have a cute little Tommy Turkey!


We plan on doing a couple more crafts to round out November including the handprint turkey and a special craft that my mom always did with me during Thanksgiving weekend. Stay tuned for that one!

My little guy is already more excited about Turkey Day and has not been talking nearly as much about pumpkins and ghosts! Amazing what a little paper and glue can accomplish! What are your favorite fall crafts to create with your kids?

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